Thursday, 16 June 2011

Libraries, a pub and a cafe

So haven't blogged for a while and need to get up to speed with the project so far.

The half term at the start of June saw the second week of library performances with an interesting mix of venues and audiences, ranging from one group that were all under 6 to another group which was big for this project. Amongst the best events were Matson and Longlevens with brilliant and enthusiastic children, young people, parents and child minders. Again it seems such a crime that the libraries in places like Matson are being taken away. All I can say is pass this on to any councillors out there as it is needed!!

When I say that above that doesn't mean other library audiences weren't brilliant and enthusiastic by the way. All of them were great. It was just that the larger numbers and more noticeable participants came in these two venues.

There is a little note here by the way - don't ever try to have a mini wool sack race near a mini cheese rolling hill. One racer slipped and damaged the hill! It's repairable but Coopers Hill will never be the same now a giant has trodden on it!

At the start of June we performed Mad Jack and The Severn Bore at the New Inn. Audience numbers were low but the performance was very highly praised by the small but perfectly formed audience. The weird thing was Gloucester itself on that night which was like a scene from 28 Days Later - no-one about at all. Since found out we clashed with a major choral concert and Giffords Circus - but surely everyone in Gloucester couldn't have been at these two events? Ah well.

Sub Rooms Cafe performance on 15th June went very well. It's an interesting little venue the Sub Rooms Cafe with a two metre stage and a bar at the back but quite cosy to perform in.

It's kind of good as a preparation for the Barnstaple Fringe Theatrefest ( on 24th and 25th June and Exeter Fringe Festival ( - 29th June where both stages are about this size.

Great audience at the Subs Cafe including a gentleman with Veteran Commando connections who pointed out a couple of mistakes (including my salute!! - How could I get this wrong?? - won't happen again!). Audience feedback on departure was great - a couple of "Excellents", "Wonderful", "Powerful" and a "Very informative".

So Mad Jack and the Fearless Navigator are off to Devon for a week. If you're down that way then come along to the shows.

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